Malaga Free Tour is every day at 12:00 PM (noon) in Plaza de la Constitución in front of Costa Coffee. Look for a blue shirt and blue umbrella.

Free walking tour with membership

Free tour means that you can decide the price and the value of the tour when it finishes. We consider it more appropriate for guests to decide the price of the tour according to how much they liked it.

Walking is the perfect way to discover and explore the most interesting and crucial places of the city. You don’t have to book the tour, just come to the meeting place and join it.

During our free tours you will learn about the history, architecture and people of Malaga. Only those who walk Malaga can say that they really know the city and it’s no use to walk with a guidebook, it’s better to join our free tours! If you would like to have a private tour, please contact us.

Our members will help you explore the best of Malaga.

Not only do we show the most famous places in the city, but also we lead to secret treasures of Malaga.

The tour and the membership are based on tips.


What do you want to see?

  • Old town
  • Archeaological centers and monuments
  • Parks and gardens

What do you want to do?

  • Explore the city
  • Taste real spanish food
  • Meet with people from all around the world

How do you want to spend your time?

  • Enjoy the moments
  • Get to know spanish culture and traditions
  • Relax on the beach


We are young, enthusiastic people commited to create experiences that enhance the love and passion for this wonderful city. We enjoy meeting new people from other countries so that they can know Malaga in a different and authentic way.

Our goal is to make every person, who sets his foot in Malaga, fall in love with this city.

"A nonprofit organization founded on the love of history, travel and people."


1Guided tours
During our walking tour we will pass by all the most important monuments and sightseeing places in the old town. We will give very significant and interesting information about them. Regrettably, we are not going into any of them for the lack of time and extra ticket costs. The tour takes 2 hours approx.
We offer tours in Spanish, English and Italian.
In the end of the tour you will have all the essential information of what to see so you will be able to visit on your own. We will also recommend the best places to eat,try local traditional food and explore the culture of Malaga.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, guests joining our tours are welcome to wear face masks for the safety of yourselves and others around you. Please help us by following the recommended safety procedures. Where possible social distancing measures will be implemented during tours and maximum tour numbers will be in place.

For the time being, our guides will greet you with a welcoming smile, rather than a hearty handshake.

Stay safe!


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